5 Steps To Staying Focused over the Holidays

December 12, 2020

Day of a freelancer - managing tasks

It’s that time of year where most businesses close up for the holiday season, but as a freelancer or small business owner we dont always get the opportunity to just take a break. We are just setting up our new website and its a learning curve.

So How do you get those little niggling tasks done or that one big thing sorted?

Tip 1

Break up your days into chunks, Set one day aside for starting your task(s) and then day 2 go do something fun..Away from your desk. I like to plan a day out at my local farm shop, they have so many great home decor goods and the food and drink is amazing!

Tip 2

Yes this is probably obvious but make a list and stick to it. I’m the first to put my hand up and say, yes I get distracted oh so easily! I make notes on iPad and often on the nearest piece of paper to hand.

Tip 3

Use a journal in the evening to reflect on what you have done. Also great for adding ideas in the middle of the night. I leave mine on my bedside table, my best creations often come from ideas mid napping.

Tip 4

Mindset is truly everything…If I see a task as impossible or stressful, then chances are I wont get it done or even attempt to do it. Putting the pressure on doesn’t help one bit.

Tip 5

Clear your desk from distractions, grab your favourite coffee/tea and a treat and begin…just make a start and before you know it, you will have got that massive task done. Taking mini breaks also helps you refocus your mind and fuel up on fresh air, food and energise.

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